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Magnetic Filters:

Magnetic Filters


Magnetic filter rod is composed of SS tubing with strong NdFeB magnets inside. The rod diameters of standard sizes (18, 20, 25, etc) can be obtained. The dimensions of the rods can be varied on request. The magnetic field strength of the magnetic filter road can reach a surface Gauss Level (3000 – 12000 Gs).


The rods are hold in a simple frame on the top end with the help of a standard thread design.Contaminants like rust, swarf or other metals in any liquid can be removed with the help of Magnetic filter rods. The magnetic flux of the magnetic filter rod will get rid of the oxide particles and impurity in the liquid, which increase the water flow, reduce power consumption and maintenance cost. The magnetic filter rods will protect against the damage of the equipment, thereby prolonging the life of the equipment.


Application of Magnetic filter rod

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