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Magnetic Grills/Filters/Hoppers

Magnet  Grills/traps/Hoppers
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Grill Magnet, Magnetic Filters, Hopper Magnets

Magnetic Filters

Star Trace Magnet filters or Magnetic Grill are made up of stainless steel tubes. Each tube of the Magnetic Grill consists of an array of permanent magnet discs specially designed and configured to generate high magnet forces.

The filters can be supplied using either ferrite or rare earth magnets. The Magnetic Grill tubes have a diameter of either 3/4" or 1" or 1.5". The filters can be supplied in various sizes with width and length varying from 9 to 36 inches. Circular or rectangular shaped Magnetic Grills are offered. Customized sizes, shapes and design can also be offered.

Grill Magnets are important Tramp iron separators, used for separating tramp iron or ferrous contaminants from free flowing granular materials. Our Magnetic Grill are made of rare earth or ceramic magnets. The grills are aligned in certain angles that attracts the contaminants. Available in various shapes and sizes, our grill magnets have wide applicability in various industries like chemical industries, food processing industries, mining and mineral industries plastic and ceramic industries etc.

Grill Magnets offer excellent protection from metal contamination. As product flows over the magnet tubes of the Magnetic Grill, captured metal contaminants are pushed to the underside of the tube where they are now out of contact with the product flow preventing was hoff back in to the clean material.


The Magnetic Grill Or Tramp Iron Separator is made up of magnet elements, which are fitted inside a required size frame. Magnet Elements of the Magnetic Grill are made up of hard ferrite ceramic magnets or high intensity rare earth magnets. All the components are made up of Stainless Steel 304/316 material. The overall construction of the Magnetic Grill can also be made as per the customer specification and sizes.


As the material flows through the Magnetic Grill, the iron particles are attracted by the magnets and they are trapped over the surface of the element. The trapped material has to be removed manually after removing the Magnetic Grilll from its location. In case of self cleaning Magnetic Grill the iron particles get trapped over the extra sleeve provided on the elements, they get released as soon as the elements are pushed out of the sleeves.


Magnetic Grills Types

Magnetic Grills Types

The following are the types of magnetic grills:

Drawer-in-housing Magnet Drawer-in-housing Hopper-magnet

Applications of Magnetic Grills, Hopper Magnets

Magnetic Grills Applications

Magnet Grills/Traps iron/

Star Trace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Magnetic Grills, Grills traps, Grills filters , Hopper magnets, Grills used to traps ferrous particles industrial applications.We export a wide galore of Magnets filters such as Traps iron separators, Traps , Grills , Hopper magnets, Filters magnetic, Grill magnet and so on.

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Magnet filtrations/drawer and housing/cartridge

Magnetic grate Manufacturers

Star Trace India Manufacturers cartridge filters/traps iron for wide liquid application .Drawer housings or drawers or traps Manufacturers with ferrite or rare earth magnets for better traps iron filtrations. Magnetic Grills/tramp/grates/traps/filters are used in hopper/housing/grates/filters .These magnet grates/grids are called grills or traps are made up of stainless steel tubes of SS304 /316 by us in chennai India. These properties are design such a way that Each Magnetic Grill filter consists of an array of high power permanent magnet discs specially star trace india Manufacturers designed and configured to generate high attraction forces for Magnets grate traps iron.Grills/traps /filters/grates/grids can be supplied as per costumers requirements for industrial filtrations application in india.

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