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Drawer Magnets:

Magnetic Filters

Housing Drawer Magnet finds usage in diverse fields like chemical industry, foodstuff industry, pharmaceutical industry, and feed stuff industry.

The Drawer Magnet consists of a magnetic filter bar with stainless steel satin finish. The magnetic filter bar is composed of permanent magnets and stainless steel tubes with special magnetic circuits.

It is used in liquor industry to stop the iron or steel substances that pass through magnetic filter by attracting the iron or steel substances to the walls of the filter bars and magnetic cartridges, thereby ensuring safety and production of equipment and facilities.

The magnetic filter bars are available in standard diameters of 12mm to 100mm.

The dimensions of the magnetic filter and shapes of the frameworks can be varied on request.



They have found various applications in the field of cement manufacturing, building materials, chemicals, coal, food, plastics, refractory for the removal of iron from the powdery materials. Also they are used in combination with storage bin, dust catcher and other equipment

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