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Grill Magnets

Magnetic Filters

Grill magnets are composed of Neodymium magnet and stainless steel. A food quality SS casing is used to enclose the separator magnet rods, which is sealed by cleaned and polished welds. NdFeB Rare Earth magnets are held in repulsion within the separator rods.

Magnetic separators with the use of separator magnets, pulls and removes the ferromagnetic contamination from the material being processed. The materials that can be processed include most mild steels, a few stainless steels, iron, nickel, cobalt and manganese. Gold, silver, aluminum, copper and many stainless steel will not be moved by the Grill magnets (ignoring paramagnetic and diamagnetic effects, which are very weak) because of their “Non-magnetic” behavior.

If there is a large amount of contaminants to be confined, stacking the grill may aid capturing more ferrous contaminants.

Application of Grill Magnets:

Grill magnets can be used in the following applications

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